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Job Name: Printing and typesetting (color management)

     Job Responsibilities: 1. Complete typesetting tasks according to the typesetting style and schedule formulated by superiors;

     2. Use the typesetting software of photoshop word pagemaker illustrator freehand to do typesetting and proofreading.

     3. Help to complete the cover design, layout design and related text map modification.

     Requirements: 1. Professional degree or above in graphic design, computer and other related fields;

     2. At least 1 year experience in printing and typesetting field, familiar with the process of pre-press typesetting, color management and output of CTP.

     3. Work conscientiously and responsibly, have a strong understanding ability, learning ability, rigorous logical thinking, and work coordination ability.

Job Name: Sales Representative

     Job Responsibilities: 1. Assist Sales Manager to achieve the company's designated sales objectives.

     2. Be responsible for the quotation of new products.

     3. Coordination of order procedures with customers, delivery plans and follow-up of draft samples.

     4. Contact and coordinate all relevant departments of the company to ensure timely delivery of draft templates and meet customer requirements, and continuous improvement to enhance customer satisfaction.

     5. Communicate with customers, collect and feedback customer information, deal with customer complaints, coordinate the relationship between various departments of the company, promote the relationship between the company and customers, and achieve win-win situation.

     6. Responsible for the operation of QC080000.

     Requirements: 1. College degree or above, major in marketing, etc.

     2. More than 1 year working experience in sales industry, experience in packaging industry is preferred;

     3. Skillful use of Word, Excel and other office software;

     4. Open-minded, quick-thinking, strong expressive ability and strong sense of responsibility.

Contact person: Miss Hu

Tel: 57681700 to 821

E-mail: qianyan_hu@kaily.com.cn