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Professional Kaily
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Professional Kaily

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As being the pioneer of carton box and polyester foam producers in the region. Kaily is furnished with leading technology production equipments and skills, professional services, maintaining its product at high standard. We are always consistently improving the quality of our products, saving power consumption, increasing productivity and enhancing technology research. 

In 1994, Kaily Packaging (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. has invested HK$57 million in constructing the 280,000-square feet production base in Dong Guan, China. All the machineries and equipments are imported from Japan, Germany and Taiwan. Experts are offering technical supports and instructions, from Hong Kong and Singapore. 

We fully understand product packaging plays a crucial part for our clients to promote their brand names and quality. Based on this, we have conducted constant technical development for higher productivity and always improving our packaging art. As we strive hard each day to create sophisticate new ideas, which faithfully transform our clients concept into their reality. 

Besides constant improving of our product quality, we also emphasize on the environmental-friendly policy, such as using recycled-paper, and re-utilized of our wastage materials.