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Each of our products can meet the needs of customers, faithfully transforming the customer's product concept into physical objects.

Packaging is not only the art of plate design, but also the art of pragmatism, so high quality is the eternal pursuit of Jiayi.

Starting from caring for the earth, scientific management of advanced equipment, efficient operation process and good working environment

Avoid unnecessary waste of time, money and human resources in the middle link. Getting the Most Win-win Benefit at the Lowest Cost


Professional in product packaging technology research, development, design and production of a complete set of packaging materials

Professional Kaily

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Since its establishment, Jiayi has been adhering to the purpose of brand-new quality consciousness and is committed to becoming a "customer's business strategic partner". Successfully established its own brand in the peer, won the trust of customers, and with many well-known multinational companies to establish long-term close cooperation, products throughout the world.

About Us

Kaily Packaging Group is a Singapore-based firm, which started in early 1980s in Singapore. Kaily moved into the China market in 1994 



China's packaging material industry will usher in unprecedented development opportunitie
Four Trends in the Development of Packaging


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DongKe Road,TongSha Industrial Park,DongCheng District,DongGuan,GuangDong Province. 
Tel:0769-89950500   Fax:0769-22285735


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